MOD.Cast: What’s your reality?

Posted 11 May

MOD. at UniSA

In this first-ever episode of MOD.Cast, we are starting with just a small question: what is reality? Is there one reality, or are there mutliple? And how does this change when you introduce something like augmented or virtual reality?

The explosion of Pokémon Go is really what brought augmented reality to the mainstream. This game is representative of huge tech changes that may have been happening off your radar.

“People are interested in the idea of there being a hidden world.”

Dr Ross Smith at the Wearable Computer Lab at UniSA has said that merging the physical and virtual worlds has been a goal for a long time. What does it mean if we merge it to the point that you can’t tell the difference?

Stuart Campbell, or Sutu, has been working with AR and artists for some time. He says that this technology brings about new opportunities for artists to create work that changes the way it looks, and then can change the meaning of the work altogether.

Our world is ever-changing. AR and VR could transition our world for the greater good, but most people are cautious about the reality of introducing these other realities… Where will it lead us? Only time will tell.

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MOD.Cast Season 1 was developed by University of South Australia journalism students Chloe Byrne, Brad Irvine-Thomas and Morgan Burley and supported by Dr Heather Anderson, Journalist and UniSA Media Scholar, along with Research Marketing Coordinator, Elke Kleinig.

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