MOD.Cast: The space around us

Posted 13 May

MOD. at UniSA
Universal Gallery

When it comes to space, the little we we thought we knew just keeps changing. We are small, tiny things in the universe and it’s expanding faster than scientists predicted. But how much do we know about it?

In his role at Microsoft and the World Wide Telescope, Curtis Wong has developed an interactive medium that allows us explore space the way he said he’d want to as a kid. This tech is crazy, it uses images from NASA to allow you to explore everything from your backyard to Jupiter to exoplanets in different galaxies. The night sky image alone is a trillion pixel image… or about 85,000 iPhone selfies stitched together.

As long as we have been around humans have tried to understand the world around us. First Nations people in Australia have been on this country for over 50,000 years passing along knowledge that makes sense of it.

“The most important thing is to be able to show people that there is a living culture here.”

Aboriginal artists have been creating for generations. Technology has created new opportunities for Aboriginal people to share their knowledge at MOD., where Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer is sharing stories that have been passed down by Kaurna people for generations. When you visit, Karl hopes that these stories help to shift the way you think when you look up at the stars.

MOD.Cast Season 1 was developed by University of South Australia journalism students Chloe Byrne, Brad Irvine-Thomas and Morgan Burley and supported by Dr Heather Anderson, Journalist and UniSA Media Scholar, along with Research Marketing Coordinator, Elke Kleinig.

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