Teacher Workshop: Creative Thinking, Design, and Collaboration

Posted 20 Feb

Natalie Carfora
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Here at MOD., we have been thinking about Experience Machines a lot recently. This idea stems from a 1974 thought experiment by philosopher Robert Nozick. The experiment goes: 

Suppose there was an experience machine that would give you any experience you desired. Super-duper neuropsychologists could stimulate your brain so that you would think and feel you were writing a great novel, or making a friend, or reading an interesting book. All the time you would be floating in a tank, with electrodes attached to your brain. […] Would you plug in? (Anarchy, State, and Utopia, 1974, pp. 44-45) 

After our Peace Machines project in WAGING PEACE, we decided to use this thought experiment for inspiration for a similar project for our upcoming HEDONISM exhibition. 

We have invited schools to design and present a product that contributes to human pleasure / happiness / wellbeing through simulation. In order to think about this a little more critically, we are opening our doors for an afternoon, inviting teachers to a unique professional development opportunity. Instead of just teachers, we would like teachers to bring one or two of their students to MOD. to work together with Aaron Davis for a workshop in creative thinking. 

Aaron Davis is a researcher, design educator, and PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. Aaron’s work has included the development and delivery of innovative interdisciplinary teaching models in higher-education, as well as the delivery of design thinking and co-creation workshops to a broad range of community, industry, and educational groups. Aaron is an experienced facilitator and thrives on the challenge of bringing interdisciplinary teams together to create new knowledge. He has worked with organisations that include the CSIRO, NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage, Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, SA Health, IgniteSA, and the Global Centre for Modern Ageing. 

This workshop in creative thinking will include a blend of professional development style instruction and hands-on learning opportunities. This will provide the opportunity to learn about fostering creativity, collaboration, team work, and idea generation. 

This workshop will be tailored to thinking about creative thinking with regards to the current MOD. school Experience Machine Project. The workshop will support teachers and students to begin thinking more deeply about the project if they choose to take part in it.   

If you are interested in attending the workshop, with or without students, please RSVP to the Eventbrite link here. 

Otherwise, if you are interested in registering your class to the Experience Machine project, please RSVP to the Eventbrite link here.

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    • Hi Steph! We have just set up a waitlist on the Eventbrite, feel free to sign up there and we will let you know if spare tickets pop up 🙂

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