MOD.Cast: Meet Mia

Posted 9 Mar

MOD. at UniSA
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In this episode of MOD.Cast we’re meeting Mia. Mia has recently lost their job as a barista to a robot, so they have taken up a barber apprenticeship, but there is still a lot of robot competition. Deep down, all Mia wants to do is to start an heirloom café with their partner, Naomi, both of them are passionate about good food and good drinks. Will robots really be cutting our hair? Meika Bottrill takes us on a journey to better understand the future of work and automation.

By 2050, AI is a big part of the workforce. But for now, AI is slowly growing.

Terry Gold is the founder and CEO of Gold Systems, a software company that has created AI software solutions, and is now the Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of South Australia. He thinks that with AI taking over more jobs, people will begin to create their own business.

“The best time to start a company is often the worst of times in the economy. If we are going to see worse times due to automation taking jobs, we’re going to see more people starting companies.”

Just like Mia.

Sal Humphries is a Senior Lecturer in Media at the University of Adelaide. She has been thinking a great deal about the impact of AI on our daily lives.

“What we’re talking about is automation and taking human beings and human judgement out of a lot decision making. so the first thing we need to think is how good is AI? How good is machine learning? Currently I would say it’s got so many problems that I would say not very.”

Sal explains that data is still not gathered or cleaned up in accurate ways, with biases impacting on it by the programmers who make the decisions, resulting on outcomes that are discriminatory based on these oversights.

While we might still have a way to go to reach the level of automation in Mia’s world, we are definitely on the way. It’s going to take a lot more diversity and a lot of more deep thinking to ensure that we are doing it carefully and ensuring that we keep all of these issues in mind.

MOD.Cast Season 2 was developed by and stars University of South Australia journalism students Anna Day, Meika Bottrill and Madina Jaffari. It was produced by Radio Adelaide’s Podcast Works program, with special thanks to Sarah Martin and Nikki Marcel, along with Research Marketing Coordinator, Elke Kleinig.

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