Foundation Partners

State Government of South Australia

The State Government of South Australia is proud to support MOD. as an important initiative to assist with strategies for more young people to engage with STEM to better enable the economic transformation of the State. Additionally the State Government of South Australia willingly supports MOD. as a cultural institution, adding a new and exciting location to further the State’s continually growing tourism industry.

Exhibition Partners

Tingari-Silverton Foundation

In Australia, the United States and around the globe, the Tingari-Silverton Foundation seek change makers – organisations who dare to imagine change, and who are developing efficient, cost-effective solutions and interventions – whether economic, educational, or simply humanitarian. This contribution has helped bring the world of the Seven Siblings and Eucalara to life.

Gallery Partners

The Gould Family

Ian Gould served the University as Chancellor after his distinguished service for South Australia in the Public Service, and through roles on the Economic Development Board and the Premiers Science Research Council. Ian and Christine Gould have extended their public service to South Australia through a kind donation to name the Gould Gallery fittingly in MOD. which is designed to be at the intersection of Science, Art and Innovation.

Innovation Supporters

REDARC Electronics

As one of South Australia’s leading innovation companies, REDARC, established in 1979 is proud to make a three year commitment to this innovative and future focussed cultural institution. The REDARC contribution will grow the robotics capability of MOD. and will also support the training of undergraduate students in programming a robot to better prepare them for employment opportunities in the future.

Macquarie Group Foundation

The Macquarie Group Foundation, through leadership of the South Australian Macquarie Group Limited Office, has made a generous contribution which will enable the growth of the role of robotics in MOD. This commitment will better enable MOD. to leverage the use of robotics and supports the goal becoming Australia’s leading future focused museum.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has made a contribution to enable the growth of the role of robotics in MOD. As a future focused financial institution, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is pleased to support MOD. as it inspires future young technology leaders.