A design community including you!

MOD.CoLAB - A design community including you!

MOD.CoLAB is a design community of 15 - 25 year olds empowered to co-create MOD. 

Aged 15 - 25? We want you to help us to design MOD. a new, futuristic museum of discovery opening on North Terrace, Adelaide in 2018.

First Tuesday CoLABs - On the first Tuesday of every month - you bring your ideas, we bring pizza.

Each of these sessions will be different. We will use them to get your feedback, test stuff we are working on, find out your opinion and let you know what we have done with the information you have given us. 

MOD. CoLAB is casual and you don't need to bring anything. Feel free to bring friends or come alone and meet like-minded people and most importantly, help to co-create MOD.

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UPCOMING CoLAB EVENTS -  visit our events page to see all CoLAB events and more.

What is MOD.CoLAB?

MOD.CoLAB will be run as a series of events and online opportunities for young adults, primarily aged between 15 – 25. It encourages young people to get involved to help shape MOD., both as we build it and, later, when we are live and running the museum.

MOD.CoLAB applies the principles of Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to empower our primary target audience to get involved and participate in helping to create MOD. and ensure it meets, or exceeds, their expectations.

What is the purpose of MOD. CoLAB?

MOD.CoLAB has three key objectives:

  1. Empowered engagement: To engage young people in MOD. and ensure, as a primary end-user, that they are empowered to participate in the design and launch of MOD. as a public space for young adults to be and be inspired.
  2. Better insights: To provide insights for the MOD. team to enable us to optimise and enhance the MOD. space so that it meets the needs of visitors and achieves our strategic targets for visitors and satisfaction with experience.
  3. Capacity building: To build capacity among young adults across core areas including STEM, Design Thinking, innovation, creativity and problem solving in support of MOD.'s overarching strategic goals.

What does MOD.CoLAB look like?

MOD.CoLAB will be primarily run through the following types of events:

First Tuesday CoLABs

These are informal events held the first Tuesday of each month at MOD. The meetups will include networking, a couple of quick workshop exercises around design problems and feedback as well the opportunity to play with some of our tech.

Online questions and forums 

These will also be informal and take the form of questions posed to our community or discussion threads initiated on our social media channels.

Formal workshops 

These will be established as required as part of events (e.g. Open State Design Studio) or around problems that require dedicated time to solve.

User led design programs 

Overtime CoLAB will be extended to support young people to lead their own design programs to develop content and ideas for MOD.

Who can come?

MOD.CoLAB events will be open to everyone and will mostly be free. They will primarily be targeted at our core audience of young adults aged 15-25.

Where limited places apply the events will be ticketed.

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