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WAGING PEACE exhibition.02 Call for Ideas

The Waging Peace Open Call closed at 9am September 4th.

Submissions are now being reviewed, with successful applicants notified by 30 September 2017.

Key details:

Briefing Session: was held on Tues 11 July 4 - 5pm at UniSA City West campus. Watch the Facebook live stream video, or the YouTube video.

Open for submissions: from 9:30am 5 July 2017 (Adelaide time) to 9am 4 September 2017 (Adelaide time).

Results by: 30 September 2017

Waging Peace Exhibition Dates: October 2018 – January 2019

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WAGING PEACE Exhibition Timeline


The second MOD. exhibition, WAGING PEACE, will invite visitors to consider whether it is possible to proactively and aggressively pursue peace. The exhibition will explore questions like:
• Can you fight for peace?
• How do we know when peace is won?
• Can you build a machine for peace?
• What happens when we apply the frames of war to peace?
• How do you make peace profitable?
• Can you program for peace?

The exhibition will examine how peace could be imagined through a different frame, whether violence can ever be just and how we apply innovation for peace. WAGING PEACE will also ask students and artists if it's possible to design a peace machine a means to inspire change for the future.

 Areas of interest to explore include:
Scarce resources: human-powered machines (bicycles), energy from the sun and other renewable resources.
Financial systems: Universal basic income, crypto-currencies, inequity, global peace index vs GDP
Mindsets: light, sound/music, meditation, ethics, languages, worldviews, visualisation, hope, the Charter for Compassion.
Security: jobs, personal safety, state safety, cybersecurity, surveillance, big data, stability, defence, healthy futures.
Motivators: rewards, peace funds, positive news, mirror neurons, treat-based training.
Science of peace: peace and conflict studies, peace scientists.
Machines/Technologies: drones, surveillance technologies (submarines, CCTV), communication technologies, programming, peace robots, innovation.

Who can submit ideas

This open call invites researchers, artists, organisations and creative technologists to submit proposals – we are open to ideas from everyone! (Note, we will be doing a separate call out later in the year for school and University students to submit additional ideas for peace machines).

"This theme potentially draws on a range of research areas including language, cultural analysis, history and understanding violence, both domestic and public.  Placing these ideas within the context of technology provides an opportunity to create interdisciplinary links." Prof Denise Meredyth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education, Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia

Types of activities we will consider

MOD. is looking for two types of proposals:

1. Proposals that take the exhibition themes and present them in an unexpected way for our core audience of young people 15+. They can be for:

· Exhibits for display in our galleries (these can cover any medium)
· Workshops or presentations
· Performances
· Live research projects

2. Proposals for peace ‘machines’ specifically. In this context machines can either be the literal and operate as mechanical objects or can be inspired by the idea of a machine a metaphor.

We are open to considering both existing and new work.

What the work needs to do

Proposals should be for work that aligns to our design principles:

In addition:
• We will generally prioritise ideas that link to new research especially in the areas of science, engineering, technology and maths (STEM).
• We are not interested in clichéd responses to the theme so please think beyond doves, flowers, tanks, protest, weapons and sci-fi post-apocalyptic dystopias (this has all been done before).
• Being unexpected is really important – if you are investigating STEM or the exhibition themes you should be doing it in a creative, engaging, new and accessible way that will appeal to people exploring these themes for the first time.
• We would love proposals that involve multiple disciplines - we are also happy to help facilitate collaborations between artists and researchers to enable this. If you need someone to work with let us know as part of your proposal!

How many proposals are we looking for?

We don’t know yet! Our approach is flexible and will be based on the quality of responses. This is because we plan our exhibitions as a whole and source our content in a range of different ways including commissioning, in-house production and direct approach and call-outs. A decision will be made on successful submissions based on their fit with what else we have planned, how they will work in our space and how well proposals allow us to explore a diverse range of ideas.

This means that the exact number of proposals that we will accept won’t be determined until all submissions are received. There may be also be some instances where we see alignment between proposals or other activities we are working on and will approach you with collaborative opportunities.

Will these opportunities be paid?

We are committed to appropriately funding contributions to MOD. exhibitions and programming. Your proposal should include a budget for the activity you want to undertake which should include all artist fees, materials, equipment and travel.
If your proposal is something we want to pursue we will contact you directly to negotiate an agreement around the scope of work and costs associated with it.
Note: this is not a grant and an appropriate payment schedule will be included as part of the final agreement based on project milestones.

 Do you still have questions? Please comment below!