Schools Information

Photograph: Rosina Possingham
Thank you for booking to visit MOD., we look forward to seeing you! This page includes some information that may help you ahead of time.

Before your visit

Here is a link to the teacher’s guide. This contains the exhibition text, as well as some links to resources that we recommend. You can use these to add contextual information for students before (or after) your visit.
The introductory video is screening in our Lecture Gallery. Here is a link to the introductory video if you would like to watch ahead of your visit.

Exploring Eucalara

SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE is a narrative-based exhibition. When you visit you will explore the galleries, tracking your visit results on either an app or a paper passport. Decide before you come which solution works best for your students.
Please download the app before your visit – this will be up and running when the exhibition is open to the public. Or, if you’d prefer, you can print copies of the paper passport ahead of your visit, here is a link to the passport PDF.
Please ensure that you have divided up your students into small groups of 3-4 for your visit. We allow up to 15 people in each gallery at a time. There is a plaza out the front of the building that you can assemble in before entering the museum.

After your visit

If you are using the paper passport, your students will need to type in their results to discover their Soul Sibling. This can either be done in the final gallery, but you may find it easier to do this when you’re back in the classroom. The link to this interactive will be up and running after the exhibition’s launch.
Opening hours