About the App

The SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE App accompanies the exhibition on display at MOD. from 30 November 2019 – 24 May 2020. This app follows your visit to the exhibition, tracking your results by finding and saving scan markers located throughout the exhibition and also publicly available online.

Download the App before you visit

How to use the App

To save scan markers look for icons around the exhibition like the ones below. These are featured throughout the museum, either as scan and collect or else as the result at the end of an interactive.

Examples of the scan markers that you will encounter

There are three sorts of interactions with these markers:

Scan to reveal

Reveal markers will appear at the end of an interactive. As you scan the marker, they will reveal your aligned sibling.

Scan to collect

Collect markers are found in exhibits requiring you to ‘collect’ a number of choices. As you explore the exhibit, ‘collect’ your choices by scanning the relevant markers.

Scan to launch

Launch markers are found throughout the exhibition. As you scan the marker, you will launch an interactive that you will complete on your phone.

When you are ready to scan the marker, open the ‘scan marker’ tab on the menu and direct your camera towards the marker. It will be detected by the app and display on your phone. You are able to see a record of your markers by selecting the ‘task list’ tab on the menu.

Feedback and support

If you are having trouble using the app, feel free to get in contact with us by emailing mod@mod.org.au, with the subject line ‘App Query’.

If you’d like to explore the scan markers at home, you can download them all here.

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