Moments: Michelle Joy

Posted 21 Jul

Claudia von der Borch
Numa Nakunthi

Moments series – thinking about the moments of intimacy and connection you have with people and places.

An acrylic artwork that consists of a soft, warm, light pink tonal background, overlaid with three solid pink circles varying in size. These three circles are linked together with three subtle peach coloured lines. Each circle is surrounded by a mass of white, pink & tan dots scattering in an outward motion. Integrated within these dots are hints of gold, forming circular patterns

Martirrinthi by Michelle Joy

To embrace each other

‘‘Community staying connected’
Connection – relationships – warmth – valued’



An acrylic artwork that consists of a soft, warm tan & creamy tonal background. A soft pink solid circle lays centre with two horizontal organic pink lines flowing out to the edges of the artwork. These solid pink lines are each overplayed with white dotted lines linked together with pink organic shaped dots. The pink circle is overplayed with 6 circular lines & is surrounded by numerous tan toned dots, forming different patterns in a growing circular motion.

Numa Nakunthi by Michelle Joy

To love

‘Family culture’ Acceptance – belonging – unconditional love


Recent graduate from a bachelor of Communication Design, Michelle Joy Magias is a fresh, unique & driven Kaurna design creative. Her determination & commitment drives her to explore, grow & broaden her creative skill set with an open mind to current trends & social topics.

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