Research at MOD.

A person sits with their back to camera, their right leg crossed over their left. They are wearing a white shirt, dark grey chinos, and brown boots. They are writing on a piece of paper "MEGA TRENDS/CYCLES" in green texta, which is visible in their lap.
Photo: Sia Duff

MOD. showcases exhibitions at the intersect of science, art, and innovation, exploring the way that research shapes our understanding of the world around us to inform our futures. Through our collaborations with researchers and stakeholders, we aim to unite the public with research to increase their understanding of current research taking place. 

This page has information for interested visitors and researchers seeking public participation alike.

  • For the public

    MOD. is a site of research. As you explore our spaces you may be able to participate in current research projects… with your consent of course. We provide an opportunity for members of the public to engage with current research taking place at UniSA and beyond, while also allowing for researchers to showcase their research and collect data. There are a few different ways that we do this.

    We work with researchers in the development of exhibitions, showcasing their research or collaborating with them on projects. We offer opportunities for listening and talking at our regular Q series and Ethos Forum events. And most recently, we have created our Open Lab, a space at MOD. dedicated to providing researchers opportunities to engage the public directly in their research. These research residencies will change each time you visit MOD., so there will always be something different to experience.

    Current in-gallery research projects:

    Ethical decision making in Canopy
    Experiences of pain in Pushing Perception

  • For researchers

    MOD. is a site of research. Our visitors can contribute to research in lots of different ways, some examples we’ve of work so far include: 

    – Surveying visitors on attitudes to topics (e.g. attitudes to decommissioning oil platform infrastructure
    Having visitors score a data set (e.g. emotional valence of words for the Hedonometer) 

    Open Lab

    MOD.’s Open Lab is our newest opportunity for researchers to engage with the public to participate in their research. Projects in early 2022 have included creative workshops, research surveys, and installations.


    We currently have a rolling Expressions of Interests for HDRs or researchers who are interested in a short-term residency in the Open Lab. These residencies can span for any duration, between one day-4 weeks. The residencies can take place at any time.

    Residencies can include:
    – creative workshop(s)
    – research survey
    – interviews
    – installation
    – prototype testing

    All residencies must provide an opportunity for public participation with research and have Human Ethics clearance for this. All residencies are expected to culminate with a short blog post for the MOD. Blog (300-500 words) explaining your research and the outcomes from your time in the Open Lab.

    EOI applications can be submitted below and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

    FAQs can be found here. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

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