Vision & Design Principles


MOD. at UniSA is Australia’s leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, arts, and innovation.

It’s a place to be and be inspired. We want to inspire young people about science and technology, showcasing how research shapes our understanding of the world around us to inform our futures. We design for 15-25 year olds, but our exhibits should inspire something in people of all ages.

MOD. is like no other museum experience in Australia. We sit at the intersection of art and science and we bring together researchers, industries, and students to challenge, learn, and be inspired.


Design Principles

  • Two-way minded copy

    Two-Way Minded

    We will embed Aboriginal knowledge and understanding by providing space for curation, creation and interpretation within our exhibition programs.

  • Sustainable copy

    Sustainable for Life

    We design for low waste and find ways to extend the life of our exhibits. We use sustainable materials and reduce our energy usage mindful of future generations.

  • Open copy

    Open and Open-Ended

    More questions, less answers. It will be an engine for serendipity, creating opportunities for multiple ways of knowing and experiencing.

  • Reseaerch copy

    Connected to Research and Enterprise

    We will showcase research and innovation, and bring people and ideas together to promote further discovery and application.

  • Accessible copy

    Accessible and Inclusive

    We create spaces with opportunities for engagement for all, welcoming diverse experiences, abilities, and identities.

  • Participatory copy


    There are spaces for doing, not just seeing. And different ways of getting involved to interact, experience, contribute, shape, and explore.

  • One and many copy

    For One and Many

    Our experiences are to work with one person or many people. We want to create connections between visitors.

  • Unexpected copy

    Unexpected and Audacious

    We challenge the traditional. Experiences are emotionally charged, where science and technology can be fun, but also challenging, icky, and delightful. We push the limits of what is possible.

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