Design Principles

MOD.’s exhibition and programs are guided by the following design and decision-making principles.

Two-Way Minded

We will embed Aboriginal knowledge and understanding by providing space for curation, creation and interpretation within our exhibition programs.

Connected To Research, Industry and Enterprise

We will showcase research and innovation, and bring people and ideas together to promote further discovery and application.

Accessible & Inclusive

Visitors will be welcomed to the space with a mix of diverse and sensory activities catering for a wide range of prior knowledge and capabilities.


There will be spaces for doing, not just seeing. And different ways of getting involved to ensure tangible impacts for young people.


MOD. will generate more questions than answers. It will be an engine for serendipity, providing young people with experiences to draw on throughout life.


Our experiences are designed for one and for many, to reach out and to be sustainable.

Unexpected & Audacious

We challenge the traditional. Experiences will be emotionally charged, where science and technology can be fun, but also challenging, icky and delightful. MOD. will be audacious, ambitious and globally-orientated.

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