The people behind MOD.

  • Dr Kristin Alford


    Kristin is a futurist and engineer who is inspired by exploring the possibilities for tomorrow and how they can emerge from today. As the inaugural Director, she leads a team dedicated to bringing MOD.’s vision into reality. A highly creative thinker, with experience in engineering, human resources, strategy and communications, Kristin weaves together strands of multi-disciplinary thinking. Kristin is a skilled facilitator, influencer and public speaker.

  • Dr Lisa Bailey

    Senior Exhibitions Manager

    Lisa has extensive experience working as a science communicator in cultural institutions both in South Australia and the UK, creating and curating varied science engagement programs of online content, events, film festivals and art exhibitions.  She loves the challenge of finding new ways to tell stories about the research that happens in South Australia.

  • Daniel Lawrance

    Production Manager

    Daniel brings experience in end-to-end video production, audio visual content and digital platforms including screens, web and social media. As well as producing video content, Daniel delivers the programming for the Science on a Sphere and touchscreens in the Universal Gallery, and explores the role of augmented and virtual reality. 

  • Kiah Buckskin-James

    Exhibitions Coordinator

    With a degree in communications, media and culture, Kiah has been appointed to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Graduate Program for 2018-2019. Kiah is applying her expertise to continuously improve visitor engagement at MOD. including communications, evaluation, reporting and design.

  • Natalie Carfora

    Exhibitions Coordinator

    Natalie has a background working in all areas of museums, from front of house to collections management and exhibitions. She is passionate about audience engagement, in particular through the use of technology. As an Exhibitions Coordinator, Natalie is responsible for designing exhibitions and bringing them through install to operation.

  • Dr Dylan DeLosAngeles

    Exhibitions Coordinator

    Dylan has deep research experience with a background in neuroscience. His practical knowledge of public performing and science communication contributes to the interactive physical exhibits, and live research opportunities within MOD.

  • Claudia von der Borch

    Exhibitions Coordinator

    With a museum background, Claudia has worked and volunteered across the digitisation, social media, programming, curatorial and collection management side of museums. As an Exhibitions Coordinator at MOD. Claudia is involved in the development and delivery of exhibitions, applying her experience and enthusiasm for visitor engagement and experience. In addition, she also plays a role in the social media and marketing of MOD.’s exhibitions.

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