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Posted 19 May

Youth Board2

We’re really excited to introduce our first Youth Board. This group of 10 young people have different interests, some are at school, some uni, and some working. All of them are excited about science, art, and helping to create experiences for people like them.

The group will spend the year with us, helping to design and develop our exhibitions and a big event in September. But enough from us, we’ll let them introduce themselves and tell you why they wanted to be a part of the Youth Board.

Hello! I am Elijah Barrott-Walsh, an Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student. I’m currently working at an additive manufacturing company. In addition, I have a particular interest in biomedical engineering. I love the way MOD. leads everybody on a journey through the inner workings of our lives. MOD. also portrays the pinnacles of scientific breakthrough and discovery. I’m really excited to be involved. With MOD., I hope to further reach audiences of all identities and abilities, and showcase the different perspectives through which we all view our lives.

My name is Cherie Htun and I’m a high-school student with hopes to change the world! I was ecstatic when I heard about the MOD. Youth Board because it seemed like an amazing opportunity to share my boundless amount of ideas. MOD. is a place that continuously inspires all age ranges. I’m an avid lover of the arts as well as the STEM field so I find the cross of these disciplines at MOD. riveting! I can’t wait to see how the MOD. will showcase new events in the future!

My name is Sam Diotallevi. I am an experienced Stewardship Coordinator at the South Australian Museum with a passion for museums, events, marketing and fundraising. In addition, I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce and another in psychology which has allowed me to further my skills. As part of the MOD. Youth Board, I’m looking forward to sharing my skills and knowledge. Finally, I’m excited to work along side a new group of people and grow my skills.

My name is Matthias Farmer. I’m studying full time at The University of Adelaide where I am completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. In my spare time, I love to use my skills to be creative and learn new ways of doing things. Why am I interested in joining the MOD. Youth Board? I have been an attendee to MOD. as many times as I have had the opportunity to. Every time I am inspired by the exhibitions and what I have been able to learn through them. Having an opportunity to work alongside MOD. and the MOD. Youth Board would allow me to impart the same inspiration and education to a new person. That is my goal.

Hi there! My name is Angel Marie Baguinat. Every day, I wake up to connect generations so that together, we can honour and celebrate each other. I do this as an Experiential Learning Designer, Visual Artist and Facilitator, journeying with thousands across generations and cultures. Energised by creative discoveries, I draw upon my global experiences in psychology and business to connect deeply with people as we navigate an era of rapid change. Together with the MOD. Youth Board, I am excited to go beyond the fringes of science, art and technology, igniting a world of infinite possibilities. My greatest hope is to create meaningful exhibits where every MOD. visitor leaves inspired and more curious about the world we live in today.

Hello, my name is Stuart Vass. I am currently high school student and love science, technology, art, engineering, robotics and design. In addition, I am looking forward to working with others with a similar passion of learning, to make something unique and engaging at MOD.

My name is Ishika and I am studying Biology and computer science with minor in chemistry. I am doing my placement in centre of cancer biology as well and I am a big STEM fan and promotor. I plan to be a scientist in future and get into R&D management so I do plan to do an MBA as well. Apart from being a big believer in dreams, I am on a mission to inspire young minds by promoting STEM through science communication. The reason I joined MOD. was to make an impact on shaping the structure and design of innovation, technology and science. I also want to experience collaboration with great researchers, industrialists and STEM enthusiasts. I want to contribute to science communication, innovation, entrepreneurship by generating and shaping ideas. Finally, I want to research for the upcoming younger generation and STEM enthusiasts.

My name is Alma Ondimu. Throughout my 11 years of schooling, I have been extensively involved in different arts programs. These programs have instilled a love for works that evoke emotion and thinking within my community. I am looking forward to being a part of a team and further develop my skills. In addition, I look forward to organising events and sharing ideas that inspire a sense of connectedness within the Adelaide community. I am excited to engage with an audience outside of school, and understand how to best create an online experience that works for everyone.

My name is Cleo Kapetas. I was recommended to join the MOD Youth Board due to my past experience in youth boards and event-planning groups. I have been part of Carclew Futures and the NEO committee at the Art Gallery. Also, I was really keen to join the youth board to gain more understanding of how the events are developed at MOD. I want to work with other like-minded people to help create unique and interactive events. Finally, I look forward to making friendships with new people, and develop my understanding of event planning processes.

Hi, my name is Sophie Jean Heath. We live in a world where is it so accessible to connect, yet many people struggle to communicate. Communicating problems, ideas, and solutions effectively is what I am passionate about. My degree in Aerospace Engineering has fostered as ability to accurately define problems and communicate effective and technical solutions. My work in galleries allows me to communicate concepts and ideas in a way which is accessible and inspiring. Being part of the MOD. youth board, I am excited to communicate ideas around technology in an entertaining and abstract way.

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