You will meet a tall dark stranger… or a short pale stranger… you will meet a stranger. You will meet a human person who is made up of all the same things you are made up of arranged in a different order.

Together you will bravely balance on a ball you have learnt to call earth that floats in space. A space no one can see. A space so vast it can’t even be recorded. This tall, dark, short, pale stranger may change your life? But they probably won’t. This is just a show. This is a show about strangers.

This intimate audio adventure by Tilda Cobham-Hervey invites two audience members at a time to experience connection. A drink and a snack is included in this price. Please note some sessions are reserved for 14-17 year olds only.

This encounter works best when you do not book with a friend. It has been created for strangers.


Review by Collage Adelaide
Review by GLAM Adelaide