Artificial intelligence is often presented as either good (robots will save us) or bad (robots will kill us) but the reality is more complex, more mundane, more nuanced.

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  • Welcome to GreenMind (6)


    Online interactive

    Develop your artificial superintelligence to help tackle the world’s climate crisis.
    Can you balance the risks and rewards to avoid the end of the world?

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  • mod-animatronic-head



    Modelled after a real person, Josh invites you to consider what makes us human versus machine.

    Is he a machine? Is he human? Is he a machine based on a real person or a person replicating a machine?

    Josh is here to help you think about your own future, how it relates to machines, and ultimately, what it means to be you.

    Learn more about Josh here.

  • Photography by Sia Duff

    Mirror Ritual


    Algorithms might be able to read our faces, but can they read our emotions? Using biofeedback, like our expressions or heart rate, computers can guess how we might be feeling. But it’s not that easy. The gap of human experiences, social norms, and cultural differences all complicate things.

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