Same but different

Posted 6 May


As part of our online exhibition LIFE INTERRUPTED exploring well-being and connectedness, we’ve got our second comic from Adelaide based creator and comic artist Georgina Rex.

Anyone else feel like this weird new world is feeling sort of normal? Perhaps we’re all different…

Keep an eye out for the next addition to this series.


About the artist:

Georgina Chadderton (a.k.a. George Rex Comics) is an Adelaide-based creator and teacher of comics. Her short comics, which are mainly autobiographical, have been published and exhibited internationally, and her minicomic ‘Harry Potter and My Childhood Obsession’ was shortlisted for a Ledger Award (for excellence in Australian comics). She loves teaching kids how to make comics and ran workshops in schools, libraries and other organisations before COVID-19 got in the way. Other skills include eating pizza, playing roller derby and singing the hits of The Muppets. Gina got her partner to write this bio because she doesn’t like talking about herself.

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