Moments: Oliver Vincent

Posted 4 Aug

Holding Onto What Matters_ Oliver Vincent


”Holding onto what matters” by Oliver Vincent.

‘Softly illuminated, ‘Holding onto what matters’, affirms the feelings of peace and sanctuary that is found through touch and human connection.’


Moments series – thinking about the moments of intimacy and connection you have with people and places.



illustration in bright colours of a person embracing another from behind, the person in front has a hearing device

‘Found family’ takes place against a brightly lit, nightscape in the city, focused on two people’s embrace. These two companions share a tender moment and remind us to cherish the communities and relationships that we have built and cared for in our own lives.’


Oliver Vincent Reyes is an emerging Sydney & Central Coast-based visual artist, with work that often reflect on love, emotions and queer cultural symbols. His expertise lies in illustration, which he uses across digital and traditional mediums, with a prominent use of bright colours and bold line-art. For the Moments Series, which is a digital-based collection, Oliver has used colours and style that aren’t typically seen in most traditional mediums, instead, they are more commonly associated with the recently popularised rise of digital art, illustrations, cartoons and comics. 
You can find him on Instagram @olliexvincent

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