Photograph: Rosina Possingham

Our galleries are temporarily closed to protect the health and safety of our visitors in line with recommendations for managing the spread of COVID-19 in SA.   

Our SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE are gone for now, but we’re currently working behind the scenes to bring them back online so you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to find your soul sibling over the summer holidays. 

What’s next? Well… it’s complicated. But rest assured, we’ll be re-opening with an exciting new exhibition in early Feb 2021. 

We look forward to welcoming you back in the (near) future! 

  • Visit

    Self-guided visit

    Please note that MOD. is currently closed. We will be re-opening in February 2021 with a new exhibition. Details for school visits will be updated here once finalised.

    Schools and other groups are welcome to come and explore our gallery spaces. While MOD. is open to visitors of all ages, our exhibitions for 15-25 year olds. If you plan to bring primary school aged children, take some time to visit beforehand. Please see the Resources section below for more detail.

    We recommend allowing at least an hour for your visit. Please note that MOD. has no bag storage facilities.

    If you are bringing a group to visit, please fill out the enquiry form below at least 2 weeks before your visit. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your visit.

    Please note that we restrict groups to 30 people per time slot. If you are looking to book for a larger group you will need to do so over multiple time slots. We recommend up to 15 people in each gallery at a time, so please divide your group up accordingly prior to your visit.

  • Guided Tour

    Moderated tour experience

    Please note that MOD. is currently closed. We will be re-opening in February 2021 with a new exhibition. Details for school visits will be updated here once finalised.


    Whole day pilot program

    In partnership with UniSA Connect, MOD. is now offering MOD.ULE, a whole day pilot school program. Based on the UniSA Connect STEM for Humanity program and linked to the SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE exhibition, this program is available for year 10 students.

    What will students do?
    – Design, construct (within budget) and test a water filter made from everyday materials
    – Use CAD-based software to produce a 3D object to build Luca’s Marina
    – Look at the maths behind the algorithms used to determine your exhibition Soul Sibling

    This program goes from 9:30am – 2:30pm, with breaks for recess and lunch and is located at MOD., on North Terrace, Adelaide. MOD.ULE is limited to 30 students and costs $450 in total.

    Expressions of interest are temporarily on hold.

  • Resources

    Pre- and post-visit resources

    Before you visit

    Here are some documents that might help you and your students in preparing for a visit:

    SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE Introductory Film – Meet the siblings and help to shape the future of Eucalara through the choices that you make.

    Teacher’s Guide — which contains the exhibition text, as well as some links to resources that we recommend. You can use these to add contextual information for students before (or after) your visit.

    Easy Access Guide — which has the same content as the Teacher’s guide but in more accessible language. This might be useful for younger students of Primary School age or students with additional learning requirements.

    MOD. Social Story — which has images and explanation running through a visit to the museum. This may be useful for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder or to prepare younger students before a visit.

    Exploring Eucalara

    SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE is a narrative-based exhibition. When you visit you will explore the galleries, tracking your visit results on either an app or a paper passport. Decide before you come which solution works best for your students.

    Please download the app before your visit, you can do this here. Or, if you’d prefer, you can print copies of the paper passport ahead of your visit, here is a link to the passport PDF.

    After you visit

    If you are using the paper passport, your students will need to type in their results to discover their Soul Sibling. This takes place in the final gallery, but you may find it easier to do this when you’re back in the classroom via this link.