Amenities & Cautions

MOD. strives to accommodate the needs of our visitors to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

  • Information

    For information about our exhibits or general enquiries, you can speak with a moderator or volunteer who are present in our galleries. Moderators and volunteers are dressed in black or purple vests. You may also speak with the attendant at the MOD.Shop, located in the foyer on the ground floor.

  • First Aid

    MOD. have trained First Aid officers on staff, please contact a moderator if you need assistance.

  • Strobe Effects

    Some of our exhibits may have lighting effects that could produce a photosensitive reaction. Signage will be posted on these exhibits. Visitors that suffer from epilepsy and/or are sensitive to other visual light stimulation effects should avoid these exhibits or ask a moderator or volunteer for more information.

  • Content Warning

    MOD. has been designed for visitors aged 15+. Some of our exhibits may be confronting or contain themes unsuitable for young children. If you’d like to know which galleries to avoid, please speak with a moderator or volunteer.

  • Photography

    MOD. prohibits the use of professional photography without prior permission. However, you are encouraged to use or smartphone or personal camera. Be sure to tag us in your pics on Instagram and Twitter with @modatunisa and the hashtag #modatunisa.

  • Feedback

    Your feedback is important – in person or online. You can speak to a moderator on site or email us or comment on our social media. We encourage open conversation on our social media and ask that you follow these simple guidelines:

    1. Please be respectful of other users and their opinions. Do not harass, abuse, threaten or make personal attacks against others.
    2. Please do not make inappropriate, inflammatory, offensive, repetitive, or unlawful comments.
    3. Do not spam us by posting and sharing requests, offers or appeals, or by posting anything else that could be considered spam.

    We will not respond to any social media user, and we may block and report those users, who repeatedly share posts, comments or send Direct Messages that do not meet these guidelines.  

  • Smoking

    Smoking is strictly not permitted anywhere inside MOD. The University of South Australia is a smoke-free campus.

  • Alcohol

    You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol into MOD. You can find multiple drink options at our in-house cafe, Food Lore and alcohol may be offered for sale at special events.