How do you want to connect with your Parliament?

How do you want to engage with your Parliament? How can we work together to improve our democracy and the laws that govern our society? 

These are questions that Dr Sarah Moulds, Senior Lecturer in Law is exploring in her teaching and research and she wants to her from YOU about what you think.  Trust in democracy is pretty fragile in Australia, and many people feel disconnected from things like politics and parliaments.  But maybe there are ways we can help strengthen this connection.  For example, some people might like the idea of visiting parliament in person to have their say directly to politicians.  Others might want the chance to follow along with debates through an app on their mobile phone.  Others might not care much until something impacts their local neighbourhood, like building a new road or closing a school, and then want the parliament to come to them to listen to how they feel.  If you’ve got an idea or something to say about this, fill out a ‘ballot paper’ or stick up a post-it note.  Sarah has a big 2023 planned, including a Churchill Fellowship project looking at how to improve the way young people want to engage with their Parliaments. If you’d like to learn more about Sarah’s work please contact her on or 0401132544. 

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