[O-Ki] seeks to fuse embedded access and inclusion, interactive and wearable technology, living organisms and neuroscience into a participatory collective live performance. The concept is of audience members having shared responsibility to keep an organic colony alive (e.g. a plant species, a biosphere, tissue cells) through technology, with a range of biometric ‘health and well-being’ data visualised.  

Participation will be based on a prescribed model (e.g. Social model of disability, Theocracy) and individuals each given a scenario that challenges their duties of collective responsibility. The chosen model’s rules of engagement can be ‘slotted in’. Audience engagement is within a performative scenario imbued with subtle variations in pain, giving scope to individualistic responses (e.g. emotional) that may/will affect their behavior. We aim to have developed a raw concept of a performance work for up to 20 audience members in a hybrid theatre-gallery. 

[O-Ki] is Bianka Kennedy, Eugenie Lee, and Michèle Saint-Yves.

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