Q: Can we all be gym-baddies?

Drop and give me 20!

Gym baddies might spend all their time working on their form at the gym… but should they? Our dependency on our bodily being can come with few drawbacks. Maintaining our flesh sacks and aspiring to whatever beauty ideal is currently popular can mean some are on a never-ending quest to ‘improve’ it, whatever that means.

Join us for a quick-fire quiz, quite a good science demo, and Q&A with our panel of speakers to see whether the ways which we tackle whether our attitude to improving our bodies is healthy, or maybe not so healthy.

Dr Rachel Curtis
, Research Fellow in the Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (ARENA) at UniSA. Her research focuses on understanding and improving people’s health and wellbeing by identifying psychological and social risk factors for unhealthy behaviours, and developing innovative programs to help people make and sustain positive lifestyle changes.
Professor Jon Buckley
, Dean of Programs (Human Performance) within the UniSA Allied Health and Human Performance Academic Unit at UniSA. Jon’s research interests focus on the effects of diet and exercise on health and physical function in populations ranging from patient groups to elite athletes. Jon’s research has led to changes in international food policy, and patent applications for novel foods and technologies for improving health and athletic performance.
Dr Dot Dumuid, Enterprise Fellow, UniSA Allied Health and Human Performance. Her research seeks to identify the healthiest way to spend our time across daily activities such as sleeping, screen time and exercise. Because there are only 24 hours in any day, this involves a balancing act between activities.

Hosted by Bill Egan.

Free event, drinks available for purchase from 5pm.
Galleries will be open until 6pm to give attendees an opportunity to explore the FLEX exhibition before the event.