It can sometimes feel like the world is so BROKEN that nothing will ever change. Housing, education, universal services, politics, collaboration. The list goes on. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The world has changed before and it will change again.

Our exhibition BROKEN is an exploration of how the world could be different if we imagined new ways of being. If our old systems are broken, what should we build in their place?

See how trees might have a voice in politics, explore how learning could mean more, and hear from Time Commissioners about what’s important now and 60,000 years into the future. What does putting nature first look like? Could teenagers have more say in their futures? Is it possible to have somewhere to live when no one owns a house?




Meet the MOD. Exhibition team and other teachers for an exclusive tour of the upcoming BROKEN exhibition. Learn about the exhibition themes, unpack the exhibits, and make links for your classrooms.  

There are two options for participants:
Mon 5th Feb 4 – 5 pm – virtual tour via Zoom
Thurs 8th Feb 4:15 pm-5:15 pm – in-person at MOD. – Register here