Posted 8 Jul


As part of our online exhibition LIFE INTERRUPTED exploring well-being and connectedness, we’ve got a new comic from Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist, Sarah Nagorcka (a.k.a Gorkie).

Do you miss hugs? Are you glad no one can touch you? Gorkie explores the awkwardness that ensues when you remove the physical element of our social rituals

Keep an eye out for weekly additions to this series.

About the artist:

Sarah Nagorka (a.k.a. Gorkie) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne/Narrm. Her work has previously been shortlisted for the Overland NUW Fair Australia Prize and presented as part of the Emerging Writers’ Festival.
Interested in artistic and scientific crossovers, she completed an art residency with the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute
 and has worked with Google’s Creative Lab to create projects in art and technology. Her SH*T DRAWING Masterclass and Indoor Drawing Excursions run regularly online.

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