LOTS of Zoom meetings: work experience in 2020

Posted 4 Jul

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Work placements are a fantastic tool to help students navigate their career choices in the future, so we thought it was important to adapt this program given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

During pre-Covid, work placements at MOD. students would have the opportunity to experience our exhibits first hand, which includes shadowing our exhibit moderators during their museum shifts. Enforced physical distancing rules meant modifying the placement structure and moving it entirely online. However, during this process we found that by offering a virtual placement opened up opportunities that otherwise couldn’t be achieved when hosting students on-site.

At MOD. we swiftly adapted to online exhibits which meant that we could structure a virtual placement around existing online content and exhibits.

Zoom was fast becoming our best friend. This meant that we weren’t limited by office or desk space, so hosting a couple of students at any given time was much more feasible. The already Brady Bunch looking MOD.Squad could easily invite in a few more tiles to join the family!

Another big opportunity was being able to engage students located regionally who would usually encounter barriers when wanting to participate in city based work placements, especially during the current climate.

Over the past few weeks we have been rolling out the program and were very grateful to engage a number of students who welcomed the idea of a virtual placement with open arms. One of our students, Adison King from Loxton High School in the Riverland region of South Australia, created the wonderful reflection below which captures their time spent with MOD.

A comic by work experience student detailing their experience working with us virtually.

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