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Space: Eyes on the Sky Exhibition

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SPACE: Eyes on the Sky Exhibition

MOD. teamed up with South Australian Museum to help run a pilot program in MOD.'s startup year where UniSA 3rd year Communication Design students were invited to submit a creative reflection on 'our place in space'. Each student chose a Hubble Telescope image to inspire them to create a 2D artwork in a medium of their choice. Over 40 submissions were received, which were reviewed by a judging panel, and 5 winning submissions which best reflected the SPACE theme (see below) were chosen. This has formed the Space: Eyes on the Sky exhibition running from 22 Sep – 28 Jan 2018 at SA Museum showcasing local, young talent. 

Theme: The Hubble Telescope creative relection is a commentary on the world, past, present, future. How do you feel about the world and the universe; your place within the universe and what may be possible in the future? Where will our technological advancements and space exploration take us next?