What would the year 2040 look like if we implemented available solutions to our biggest environmental challenges today? What actions are you already taking to try and create a more sustainable future?

Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film) embarks on a journey to explore what the future could look like if we embraced these changes today. Structured as a visual letter to his 4-year-old daughter, in 2040 Gameau blends traditional documentary  to create a vision board of how these solutions could regenerate the world for future generations.

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Afterwards, tune in 👉 here  👈 on Wednesday 27th May at 4pm as Lee Constable hosts a live Q&A with Damon Gameau, the film’s award-winning director.


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We have reached capacity of registrations for the online screening of 2040. Please join us on Wednesday 27th May at 4pm for a Q&A with Damon Gameau. We will be touching on many of the issues raised in the film and you will have the opportunity to submit your own questions.