“Christopher Orchard is an extraordinary talent in that he combines uncommon vision and skill to create art that captures the zeitgeist of our time.”

– Stephen Rosenberg Fine Art, New York.


Orchard paints a bald-headed businessman who represent ‘avatars’ for all of us in challenging situations in the ‘post-modern digital age’. Director and Playwright, Russell Fewster, has positioned Orchard’s businessman in an existentialist crisis where one has a meeting with the boss with no agenda while the other searches for spiritual meaning, until he finds his quest lies in saving native forest. The latter draws on themes from the 2024 MOD. exhibition, ‘BROKEN’.

The creative team combine text, clowning, movement, and expressionistic lighting with animation of Orchard’s paintings to bring this work to life.



Presented by: Shifting Lives Theatre

Shifting Lives Theatre began as Shifting Point Theatre in 1990 with the production of ‘No Way Out’ by Jean-Paul Sartre which won the award for best weekend theatre in Adelaide. Subsequent work included moved readings of ‘Mean Deeds’ by Heather Nimmo and ‘Eden Cinema’ by Marguerite Duras, full productions of ‘The Australian President’ by David Ross (1999 & 2002), ‘The Private Visions of Gottfried Kellner’ by Tim Daly (2003) and ‘Breath’ by Patrick Van Der Werf, all of which received critical acclaim. Co-productions include ‘The Lost Babylon’ by Takeshi Kawamura with T-Factory from Tokyo (2006), ‘Perish the Thought’ by Susan Harris (2012) and ‘Earshot’ by Russell Fewster with Tutti Arts (2018). The latest work emphasizes the dynamic relationship between the performer and digital projection