Join our Moderators at 11am and 2pm for a deep dive into the siblings and their worlds. Part talk-show, part interactive web series, these mini tours will be held daily on Facebook Live. Tune in, ask questions, and hear more about the research that underpins the exhibition.

The program for these sessions is below. You can find these streaming LIVE here. These will also be saved on our Facebook Videos if you’d like to tune in later.

Tuesday 24 March

11am — Julia and the future of climate adaptation and biodiversity
2pm — Ava and the future of space industries and human genetic

Wednesday 25 March

11am — Luca and the future of cities
12pm — Rowan and the future of food security and biotechnologies
2pm — Kai and the future of sustainable mobility

Thursday 26 March

11am — Eucalara and the future of Australia
12pm — Mia and the future of work and automation
2pm — Alex and the future of healthcare and personalised medicine