What you eat doesn’t just feed you, but also your microbiome – the microorganisms that inhabit your gut. As your gut microbes munch down on your meal, they can produce a huge range of metabolites that effect our health, for example short chain fatty acids like butyrate that benefit gut health, or lipopolysaccharadies that have been linked to heart disease.

But which foods lead to which effects on your microbiome? Queensland based Microba have developed world leading technology that can analyse gut microbiome profiles to see how the potential to produce various metabolites can provide insights into a person’s diet. In this event we’ll explore some of the well-studied metabolites produced by our gut microbiome, how they may influence health, and how they are associated with diet.

Presented by Dr Alena Pribyl

Dr Pribyl is the Senior Scientist and Research Officer with the biotech company Microba, a world leader in the analysis of the gut microbiome. She has expertise in human microbiome research, microbiology, and the stress physiology of fish as well as a passion for science communication to support science informed decision making.