Do you empathise with mosquitoes before you slap them? When you go for a country drive, do fewer insects end up on your windscreen than used to? Would you happily eat a cricket brownie? 

In this Ethos Forum, we delve into the ethics of our insect-driven futures; from the impact of pesticides on biodiversity to insects as a food source; from insect-driven design in technologies to the spread of insect-borne disease. As insects have the potential to play increasingly important roles in our lives and ecosystems, do we view their lives as less valuable than our own? 

Speakers announced soon.

Free drink and snack on arrival, and bar will be open for drink purchases.

What is Ethos?

Ethos is a place for you to have conversations about future-focused ethical issues relating to research, technological development and the broader social context. Each forum focuses on an object as the starting point.

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