We inherit more than we think from our parents; you might talk with your hands, have a wonky nose, or develop a pre-disposition for diabetes. However, some of us might inherit more than others. Things like small fortunes, property, or entire companies.

In this Ethos Forum, we’re asking what could be a million-dollar question: should you be able to inherit wealth?

Join Professor Vicki Waye, Professor Andrew Beer, and Dr Debbie Devis for an interactive evening of conversation that will ask the tough questions, like what should happen if a cat inherits $13 million?

Free drinks and snacks provided.

What is Ethos?

Ethos is a place for you to have conversations about future-focused ethical issues relating to research, technological development and the broader social context. Each forum focuses on an object as the starting point.

Want more?

Come from 5:30pm and explore FLEX, the current exhibition at MOD. in which we think all about the ethics of our bodies, space, and society.