How will mixed realities technology affect industry and you in the future? 

MOD. has invited four experts in their field to share ten slides in ten minutes, the way their industry is using mixed realities and how they see it affecting their industry and our lives in the future.

The discussion will look at the role of these technologies in health, education, psychology and defence and how it is improving the way we work in these fields, and the benefits for the general public.

The panel will be facilitated by MOD. Director Dr Kristin Alford and the panelists include:

  • Jane Cocks – The future in Psychology
    Jane Cocks is a PhD Candidate in Psychology and Games, conducting research on making games for positive change. She has spoken extensively nationally and internationally about psychology and games, and has also been awarded as one of the 2017 Top 30 ‘Game Changers’ in Australia.
  • Paul Unsworth, UniSA – The future in Education
    Paul Unsworth is an educator and early career researcher who has a background in Indigenous education and STEM. Paul has lived and worked extensively in remote and rural communities across Australia and understands the need for research and innovative solutions  to explore how video and virtual reality technologies offer when used in learning design,
  • Simon McDougall, Saab Australia – The future in Defence
    Simon McDougall is the Mixed Reality Program Lead at Saab Australia. He has been working with mixed reality since the HoloLens was first announced and his team has managed to deliver multiple projects to a range of customers including defence, health and the resources sector.
  • Dr Ashleigh Smith, UniSA – The future in Health
    Ashleigh is a neurophysiologist who has positioned her research at the nexus of physical activity, neuroscience and cognitive ageing. Her work focusses on optimising exercise prescription for brain health in older adults at risk of dementia. Ashleigh is also an executive member of the EMCR Brain science network, which aims to shape the future of Australian brain science by empowering the next generation of leaders.

Before the discussion from 5.15pm, you will have a chance to play with the tech to give you a better understanding of the technology. There will be a guide to help you navigate the tech.

So be sure to come in early, have a play and then hear about the future of reality. RSVP essential to this free event as capacity is limited.