Set in a world in the near future, Glasshouse is a biosphere where plant and insect life thrive in an ecosystem of integrated biology and technology. Maintained by intuitive glasshouse keepers who farm water and light, the glass house is a world where biotech agriculture and drone insects work in synergy with with ancient flora and heirloom edibles.

Glasshouse is a place where people, plants and insects enjoy a dance of interdependent survival. Participants play all three roles as they drop into a VR immersive experience as agents of interaction, choreographing energies that live within the glasshouse.

Role 1: Keeper- Choose keeper and assist plants to grow by

  • warming them with sun from your hand
  • Squeezing water from clouds
  • Brushing fertilizer from your palm
  • Twirling bots to herd the insects

Role 2: Insect – Choose insect to dance and communicate with your insect friends

  • touch antennae to hear the buzz
  • climb stalks and
  • dance dance dance

Role 3: Plant – Choose plant to feel yourself below and above

  • wave your leaves at other plants
  • explore above and below
  • communicate through electricity and light
  • soak up the keeper’s light

Each Glasshouse role experience is 7 minutes in duration. Should you wish to do more than one role, bookings have been allocated in 30 minute slots to allow for rests between Glasshouse role experiences for the user to have a break from the VR headset.

It is recommended you arrive at MOD. at least 5 minutes before your session. Galleries will be open if you would like to explore the exhibition FLEX before or after your experience.

Warning: This experience includes lighting effects that may trigger a photosensitive reaction. Do not engage in this experience if you experience epilepsy, migraines or other photosensitive conditions. If you feel unwell, ask our team for assistance.

Age suitability 8+

Choreography/ Scenario Design: Sarah Neville
Developer/ 3D Graphics: Alexander DeGaris
Interaction Design/ 3D Graphics: Daish Malani
Composition: Matthew Thomas
Communications/ Design: Amy Milhinch
Performed by: Sue Hawksley, Tanya Voges, Jazz Hriskin
Producer: Julianne Pierce
Supported by: Arts SA, Dance Hub SA, ADT International Choreographic Centre, Nexus Arts, Digital Transformation Group University of South Australia, Stone and Chalk, Piccadilly Community Hall