South Australian Native Plants with Jenny Deans

Sun 1 Sep — 2 – 3:30pm / $20 + booking fee

Horticulturalist Jenny Deans demonstrates how to choose, grow and care for native plants in the concrete jungle. This workshop will touch on:

  • international and local examples where native plants are used in gardens and landscapes
  • the design process and how decisions drive plant selections
  • how to plant for success
  • achieving efficient watering and healthy plants
  • practicalities and paradoxes of mulching, pruning, weeding and pest management
  • why gardens have a ‘feel good’ effect

Attendees will take home a rare plant and a plant list to start your journey into growing native plants.

This workshop has been prepared in collaboration with Trees For Life and with assistance from Cynthia Schwertsik.


Introduction to Indoor Plants with Emma Sadie Thomson

Fri 6 Sep — 6 – 7pm / $45 + booking fee

Plant stylist Emma Sadie Thomson brings us her basic introductory workshop to indoor plants (with a free drink on arrival!) During this one hour workshop, Emma will cover:

  • Basics of bringing indoor plants to your space
  • Pests and diseases
  • Light and conditions for your plants
  • Re-potting your plants

Attendees will take home a medium sized plant and homemade pest control.


Moss at MOD. with Jenny Deans

Sun 22 Sep — 2 – 3pm and 3 – 4pm (two session times available) / $20 + booking fee

Enter the lush green world of moss with horticulturalist Jenny Deans. This workshop wanders through time and across the planet exploring the place of moss in culture and ecology.

Presentation, creative activity and installation combine to shed light on an often-overlooked plant.

Attendees will take home a small mossy memento.

This workshop has been prepared and is presented in partnership with Cynthia Schwertsik.


Kokedama with Emma Sadie Thompson

Fri 27 Sep — 6 – 7pm / $45 + booking fee

Join plant stylist Emma Sadie Thomson for a one hour workshop to learn the ancient Japanese art of Kokedama (with a free drink on arrival!). This hands on workshop will take you through the technique of making a Kokedama.

Choose from a range of plants and take a string garden home with you at the end of the class.