Welcome. You are the guest of a space-art crew originally scheduled to dock with a Qanta Earth-return vehicle on the light side of the moon. However, due to Lunar-Google Wi-Fi connectivity difficulties, your vehicle was forced to land deep in a North Terrace crater: some 200 Kilometres from the rendezvous point. During manual re-entry and landing, equipment aboard was damaged. Your host MOD. @artistastronaut knows the drill and leads they way, but needs your help. Your survival depends on reaching the rendezvous point, signalling the mother ship to 3D-print a shelter at SpaceBnB terminus until rescue arrives.

How to Survive on the Moon is a a playful, participatory performance combining elements of a NASA Workshop, an ESA Human Spaceflight Lesson, and the artist’s own astronaut training.

Performed by Sarah Jane Pell

Sarah Jane Pell literally explores, produces and performs from sea, to summit, to space to amplify discovery, generate curiosity and encourage awe. Her focus on human performance and expression in extreme environments contributes new media design, immersive visualisation such as VR and novel human performance knowledge in exploration contexts.

An accomplished artist, commercial diver and extreme performer, Sarah thrives in high-risk operational environments. She applies an adaptive aquatic approach to humanity’s future challenges.

There are three dates to choose from:

Wednesday 22nd February 6pm-7pm 

Thursday 23rd February 6pm-7pm

Friday 24th February 6pm-7pm


Presented by:
MOD. at UniSA