Join MOD.’s Artist in Residence, Sam Leach, in an inspiring masterclass exploring the intersection of science and art. This masterclass will challenge participants to explore the relationship between art and science. It will include the creation of an artwork inspired by science equipment.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Learn about the history and theory of art/science
  • Consider how art can contribute to science and vice versa
  • Explore the sculptural possibilities of scientific and laboratory equipment
  • Produce a sculpture, installation or other artwork using supplied laboratory and scientific materials

Explore how art can play an important role in encouraging emotional engagement for effective science communication. Understand why there has been an increase in collaborations between scientists and artists since the late 20th Century.

This masterclass will suit art practitioners at all levels who have an interest in science communication OR those who are in or have an interest in science, who want to bring their science to life with art!

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All materials supplied. Please bring your lunch or you can purchase at Food Lore café onsite.
There is a capacity of 15 people.