Topics of discussion:

Australia’s dramatic geological past – Australia’s thought to be a sleeping giant – earthquakes are rare, active volcanoes are exceptionally rare. Yet our continent is the product of events more dramatic than you can imagine, as geologist Dr Tom Raimondo explains.

Science, values and vittles – what values do we attach and bring to the foods we consume, and how is that linked to science? GMO, organic, plant-based, synthetic – Professor Rachel Ankeny serves up a smorgasbord of scientific food considerations.

Medicine in space – after long periods in space, your muscles can atrophy and your bones can lose strength. In a future where humans may embark on longer and longer spaceflights – perhaps even living in space – what are the challenges and opportunities for space medicine? Aerospace medicine specialist Dr Gordon Cable spacewalks us through the possibilities.

Ancient routes of ochre exchange – Dr Rachel Popelka-Filcoff is using nuclear spectroscopy to examine the origins of ochres used in Aboriginal objects to help develop an understanding of the ancient routes of ochre exchange.

Native crops and your gut – a guide to healthy insides with Professor Rachel Burton – glucans, arabinoxylans, brewing and baking!

Come for the stories, stay for the conversations.