Q: Are we afraid of deep water?

It is common to have an existential crisis when looking up at space. But what about when you look down? We mean deep down, into the depths of the ocean. There’s a whole world down there that we don’t understand, waiting to be discovered.

How do our bodies and minds cope with small and expansive spaces? Join us for a quick-fire quiz, quite a good science demo, and Q&A with our panel of speakers.

Dr Brianna Le Busque
, Lecturer, UniSA STEM, whose research work is in the area of conservation psychology, where she investigates the influence of the media and social media, including how portrayals of sharks (and other species) can impact fear.
Dr Peter Schumacher
, Senior Lecturer, UniSA Creative, who has developed human centred design methods to improve habitability onboard submarines, considering usability in high function and high stakes environments.
Dr Jonathan Benjamin, Professor, Flinders University, who specialises in the archaeology of submerged landscapes, Pleistocene-Holocene transitions and applied methods in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology.

Hosted by Bill Egan.

Free event, drinks available for purchase from 5pm.
Galleries will be open until 6pm to give attendees an opportunity to explore the FLEX exhibition before the event.