Photo credit: Time Out Sydney, Anna Kucera

You’ll be guided through an interactive performance which alters what you see, hear and feel; giving you first-hand insight into what chronic pain is like.

Combining Virtual and Mediated Reality, artist Eugenie Lee explores current research on pain in an engaging and playful way. It shows you how the brain can produce feelings of pain – even without any physical injury. Designed to raise awareness about chronic pain, it’s a one-of-a-kind demonstration into the potential of STEM.

The project is not designed to give you pain. However, you may or may not experience feelings of discomfort, depending on individual responses.

Please note: the exhibition is not available for people under the age of 18, and may not be appropriate for people with specific health conditions.

The exhibit can only be viewed through a guided tour with the artist. You need to book a ticket via Eventbrite, and you will need to show ID on the day. Visitors cannot explore this section alone or with Moderators, though if there are any free places on the day/s of the tour, you may also join.

Tickets coming soon!