INVISIBILITY is everywhere. It’s the people we don’t notice, the environmental changes we can’t see, and the algorithms working hard behind the scenes. What becomes visible when we start paying attention? 

In MOD.’s new exhibition, we’re shining a spotlight on the unseen to help us better understand the world around us and our place in it.   

Join us as we time travel underground, delve into the tech monopolies controlling our lives, and slow down to notice the importance of the land around us. 


Meet the MOD. Exhibition team, researchers and artists featured in the exhibition, and other teachers for a half day workshop delving deeper into the themes of INVISIBILITY.

This workshop is dedicated to data privacy and AI and will include: 

  • Guided tour of INVISIBILITY exhibition 
  • Lightning talks by researchers and artists involved in the exhibition
  • Afternoon tea provided by Food Lore Café
  • Hands-on activity led by UniSA Connect (a taste of our MOD.ULE schools program)

All participants receive a professional development certificate for 3 hours.