Welcome to BROKEN. At the start of the experience, you will be loaned a unique token. As you journey through the exhibition, the token will be scanned to record answers that are posed in the exhibits, revealing a personalised story about how you see the world at the end of your experience.


Inviting our audience to contribute to and shape what happens at MOD. is one of our core values. MOD. is a space for you to participate, as well as to explore. In 2022 at our Future Themes Forum, students, educators, researchers, artists and innovators came together to talk about the things they thought were critical for the future.

Misinformation, climate justice, hyper-capitalism, waste, abuses of power. There was an emerging sense that things felt broken.

In this exhibition, we start by acknowledging this sense of brokenness, but invite you to step beyond, to imagining how things could be.