• What if learning meant more?
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Some people wear it on their sleeve, some bury it deep inside. However you carry it, it is there. That thing. That thing you care deeply about. It feeds your soul, and you nurture it in turn.

How can you start to create a better future with what you care about at the centre? Are you learning how to identify and solve problems to enact change, or is your education missing a heart beat?

In this gallery we ask you what matters most to you. What do you care for? What do you feel is within your capability to protect to make the world a better place?

Once you work out what matters, use this knowledge to contribute to a landscape of other visitors’ contributions. This is a space to reflect on the varying passions each person has, and how by each caring for a cause we can create a web of change for a better future.


Charles Leadbeater, a British education innovator, has said that the core purpose of education needs to shift. He thinks education should stop teaching students to follow instructions. Instead he thinks it should prepare them to identify and solve problems. To make this shift, Charles believes we should be providing students with learning experiences that provide opportunities to use their knowledge to work together, to develop personal strengths and learn resilience.

In place of final year exams at the end of high school, Charles thinks we should be asking our students to respond to one question: How do you work with others to combine and use your knowledge to create change that will generate better outcomes for people and the planet while doing what you consider to be the right thing.

We have been thinking about this question alongside Aboriginal Ways of Knowing, where Ngarrindjeri people have the concept of ngaitji (totem), something that every person has a passion for and for which they have responsibility in caring for. Everyone’s ngaitji is different, and this is how they can protect Country and the things that are important.