• What if no one owned a home?
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What if no one owned a home? But we all had somewhere to live.

At Housing for Humans, you’re here to make your choice. Enter a reality where private property ownership has been abolished in favour of a new system that allocates high-quality and sustainable housing based on your personal needs and desires.  

In this gallery we encourage you to share your preferences for living. Take some time to think about the sort of lifestyle you want, who you want to live with, and your lease duration, then we’ll do the rest. 

Welcome home.

Survey data shows that South Australians are feeling impacted by the housing crisis and don’t think enough is being done. More than 90% of respondents in a recent UniSA study reported being worried about the future of people locked out of the housing market. They are also concerned about homelessness in SA. The report, released in 2022, found rental availability and affordability to be at an all-time low across the country.  

Michelle Gegenhuber, Believe Housing Australia Executive General Manager and co-author of the report with Prof Andrew Beer, says “it is evident, both through election polls and outcomes, and the results of the report survey, that there is a strong community appetite for change.” 

For this exhibit, we want to present an alternative model for housing, one where everyone has somewhere to live.

Enter the Housing for Humans showroom and be allocated high-quality and sustainable housing based on your personal needs and desires.