COVID-19 Information

Photo: Daniel Marks

MOD. is now officially open again.

To ensure everyone has a comfortable and safe visit, you will notice some changes at MOD. These include capacity limits throughout galleries, increased cleaning of touchscreens and interactives, and social distancing and hygiene guidelines. These changes are for your safety and enjoyment of MOD. while you visit.

Maximum Capacity Information

In line with Government advice the maximum capacities of our galleries are limited to ensure that we adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

To ensure visitor flow and queue management measures, we ask that you limit your visit to 1 hour. At times of high visitor attendance, you may be asked to wait before entering a gallery until other visitors have left.

You will need to read any additional instructional signage you see as we might have different rules for different spaces, and comply with any directions from staff.

Hand Hygiene

Please use the supplied hand sanitiser stations throughout the building or wash your hands in the bathrooms.

Enhanced cleaning

We have increased our already strong cleaning and sanitation measures throughout the building. Staff have received updated training to ensure COVID-Safe practices throughout all areas of MOD. Please help our staff by refraining from unnecessary touching of surfaces.

Physical distancing

Please ensure you physically distance 1.5m away from other visitors and minimise physical contact with others.

Feeling unwell

If you are feeling unwell, we encourage you to follow the advice of medical authorities and postpone your visit.

For further information about COVID-19 the following sources are available:

Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080