Discovering MOD.

Posted 10 Jul


Written by Lucy Percival

For 3 days, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to discover the inner workings of MOD. – the Museum of Discovery – through undertaking work experience in an environment that blends the line between science, art and design into interactive exhibits and installation.

Through my work placement, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the current exhibition, HEDONISM through undertaking volunteer shifts working alongside Museum  Moderators. This was an invaluable experience as I was able to critically analyse and develop a new understanding of each of the galleries. I was especially interested in the Symbiosville exhibit, and was fascinated by the way visitors were taught about the impacts of our actions on the health of our inner microbiome through a fun, interactive game.

I was also welcomed into to the team at MOD. On my first day, I was introduced to everyone on the team, which provided me with insight into the different roles that are required to present stunning exhibits. It was truly enlightening to learn about the processes that are undertaken by the staff at MOD. and the extensive work that is required to create eye opening installations and designs. Through my placement, I was also lucky enough to attend a meeting relating to artistic choices around a future exhibit, which allowed me to experience day-to-day life at MOD. while also getting a sneak peak into future exhibition ideas.

I am particularly fascinated about the ways in which science can be integrated with artistic design, and undertaking work experience at MOD. has allowed my love for this area to flourish through learning about the science behind ideas for future exhibits and correlating my new understandings with artistic inspiration. Talking with a range of people from different backgrounds, whether that be artistic or more scientific, was also invaluable, and gave me a better understanding of future careers in this industry.

However, undoubtedly my favourite moment from my time at MOD. was when I had the opportunity to experience a short Virtual Reality video-world, that may be included in future exhibitions. It was an exhilarating experience and I was able to gain a better understanding of the work from the artist herself, which has given me a better appreciation for the ways in which technology has become – in itself – an artform.

I highly recommend work experience at MOD. for any student with a passion for science, art or design. Working at MOD. is an opportunity to improve customer service and communication skills, experience exciting new exhibits, and talking to influential people in this field.

Thank you to all the amazing people working at MOD. and the museum moderators for making my time at MOD. fantastic!

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