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MOD. at UniSA

It’s cold and rainy, a sign that the Kaurna season of Kudlilla has arrived. We’re going to put out weekly lists of things to do while you’re huddled inside. Next on our list, music! If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of our favourite artists.

Nyaaringu by Miiesha

Kristin: Triple J featured Miiesha’s album Nyaaringu recently. My youngest daughter came into the car as ‘Broken Tongues’ was playing and was like what is this?! It feels different, fresh and her voice is crystal clear.

Kiah: I absolutely love this album, it’s on repeat constantly throughout the day. Miiesha’s voice is beautiful and soulful. I can’t get enough of it. 

Natalie: I have started listening to this based on these two recommendations and am obsessed! Miiesha has the most beautiful voice.

Take Me Home by A.B. Original and Adam Briggs

Amie: Anything by hip hop duo A.B. Original and by Adam Briggs, its cofounder, but in particular ‘Take Me Home’, featuring Dr G Yunupingu. Play it on a good sound system — it’s absolutely haunting and a harmonisation of two music genres that, on the face of it, might not belong together. 

Black Smoke by Emily Wurramara

Kristin: I found Emily Wurramara recently and I’ve had ‘Black Smoke’ from 2016 on repeat. Her album Milyakburra is from 2018

Better in Blak by Thelma Plum

Kiah: Thelma Plum is an amazing artist, I have her new album on repeat also. She has so much to say in this album particularly around racism, love and intergenerational trauma. ‘Better in Blak’ is a great song, she really brings to light and explores identity and transforms it into a form of resilience and empowerment. 

Cul-de-sac by Dan Sultan

Kristin: I’ve had this song on my Liked Songs list for a while now and every time it come on I am there in this story feeling the tension.

Tilly Tjala Thomas

Kristin: Tilly Tjala Thomas has just put up one of her tracks on Triple J Unearthed. She was our first MOD.Live performer in December 2019.


Natalie: I saw Kaiit at WOMAD a couple of years back and was blown away by her talent — another truly amazing voice. Kaiit is truly kicking goals and bringing audiences to her take on neo soul.

Ziggy Ramo

Kiah: He is definitely an important voice for Australian hip hop.  Ziggy speaks with so much power and emotion and it’s probably uncomfortable for some. ‘A to Z’ is great, I really love this song, ‘Black Thoughts’ from his new album of the same name is so relevant right now and also just a cool song. Go listen to him!

Sampa the Great

Natalie: Sampa the Great shot into popularity a few years ago and is currently the Queen of Australian rap, or so I think anyway. Her music is powerful and catchy — she’s amazing and if you haven’t listened to her you’re missing out.

Gordon Koang

Natalie: Gordon Koang is an amazing musician, singing in English, Arabic and Nuer. His music is just so joyful; listening to him always makes me feel like I’m having a good day, even if it’s nothing special.

Genesis Owusu

Jacob: Genesis Owusu is a Ghanian-Australian hip-hop artist based in Canberra. His music packs a huge punch, with infectious melodies, lots of groove, powerful lyrics and detailed arrangements. You may have also heard of his brother who makes music as Citizen Kay!


Jacob: is an independent artist based in Naarm/Birraranga (Melbourne). His sound and approach are grounded in strong cultural values that fuse a striking interdisciplinary approach to his art as an MC, instrumentalist and poet with a searing decolonial message.

Kiah: I second this one too – He brings to light First Nations history and you also really get caught up in the beats of his music too. Awesome listening experience!


Kristin: DyspOra (Gabriel Akon) played at the MOD. WAGING PEACE launch back in 2018. An award-winning Hip-Hop recording Artist, Sonic Activist, Poet and founder of the playback 808 Kingdom, DyspOra recently released their long-awaited EP, AUSTRALIEN. DyspOra holds weekly music sessions at Northern Sound System in Elizabeth.


Contributions to this edition of Kudlilla Recommendations by Kristin, Kiah, Natalie, and Jacob from MOD., with special guest Associate Professor Amie Albrecht, Dean of Programs (Science, Technology & Mathematics at UniSA STEM.

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