Paradoxical Objects: A space-time travel agency for humans and things

Posted 17 Jul

Paradoxical Objects phone anthracite coal

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the objects around you? From clothes you wear, the cutlery you eat with, to the device you’re reading this on – our everyday objects slice through time to the origins of our universe, emerge from all continents across our globe, and are extracted, manufactured and transported by many human hands before they reach ours. 

Join artist and futurist Ana Tiquia during her online residency with MOD to contemplate our material everyday. As we stay home during this pandemic-induced pause, Ana will ask how we might space and time travel with our material things, and what our material everyday might look like in the future. 

We invite you to submit an object you can’t live without to our space-time travel agency. Over August, Ana will trace the space-time journeys of select objects and offer personalised planetary travel guidance to those whose objects are chosen.


Paradoxical Object open-call

Interested in tracing the journey of your selected object?

In August, our space-time travel agency will be tracing the journeys of select objects. We invite you to submit an object you ‘can’t live without’ for selection. We’d like to hear about an object that is meaningful to you, and why.

This short submission form should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you have more time, we encourage you to see this process as an invitation to look deeply into, and engage in contemplation with your chosen object.

We will be selecting objects in to feature in a series of space-time guided tours in September.

Submissions for Paradoxical Objects have closed. 


Artist Biography

Ana Tiquia is an artist, futurist and cultural producer who lives and works on unceded Wurundjeri Country. As a futurist, Ana explores arts and cultural practice in relation to future inquiry, imagining, and social change. Her recent projects are public interventions: participatory installations that invite audiences into dialogue with ‘the future’. Ana’s practice is one of inclusion that aims to ‘future’ with other humans, creatures and things – to generate diverse, plural, and transformative future imaginaries.

Ana researches and is interested in energy futures, futures of labour, the role of arts practice in socio-ecological transition, and the power dynamics encoded in algorithmic systems. She is a co-founder and facilitator of Community Transmissions: a digital residency for live artists to explore the futures of art and art as a future-making practice. She is half of artist duo Exogamy – a vehicle for collaboration across human and more-than-human worlds. 



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