Q: Are we afraid of deep water?

Posted 3 Nov

Erika Barrett
Q Series are we afraid of deep water?

It is common to have an existential crisis when looking up at space. But what about when you look down? We mean deep down, into the depths of the ocean. There’s a whole world down there that we don’t understand, waiting to be discovered.

In our latest Q series, we explored these questions through conversation, a demonstration and an insightful Q&A with Dr Brianna Le Busque, Dr Peter Schumacher and Dr Jonathan Benjamin.

two images side by side from the q: are we afraid of deep water? event which contain under 10 people siting down around round tables.

And to record the types of conversations that were had at the event. MOD. intern Jazmin Colomini was in attendance to do a graphic recording.

A graphic recording of the q: are we afraid of deep water? event. Containing illustrations of sharks, people and icebergs


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